Custom Window Hardware

HardwareReplication - Reproduce your Traditional and Antique Hardware.

At ARC we have been reproducing antique window and door hardware for over 25 years.

We understand that replacing traditional hardware for historic buildings can be a challenge. Regulations surrounding historic preservation often require exact replacement of original hardware, even if the original hardware is no longer commercially available. In cases like that, where do you go?

No problem! We can recreate any window and door hardware in existence to whatever level of accuracy you need. You can choose from three different levels of reproduction depending on your design requirements or your budget.

Historically Accurate Matching
We can recreate the hardware so that it fits, functions and looks similar at a much lower cost. This is suitable for applications where exact matching is not required and where your budget may prohibit the additional expense.

Close Matching
You can lower costs without changing the look by approximating the appearance of your original hardware without precise matching.

In some cases, where the replacement hardware will be installed far away from the original, an exact match is not needed. Your new hardware will look almost identical to the original. The slight difference in the finish will only be noticeable if the two items were viewed side by side.

Identical (Matching as close as humanly possible)
We can reverse engineer and precisely recreate exact replicas of your window and door hardware. Historic buildings often require perfect matching to preserve the historical integrity of the building. We can manufacture any finish, size or design you need and do it newer and better.

Now your hardware can be “Old and Improved”
When you work with Architectural Resource Center, you don't need to give up modern performance for historical authenticity.

New building codes and requirements may mean that old hardware materials and designs are no longer strong enough. We can re-engineer your hardware to make sure it performs flawlessly in its new environment. It will look completely authentic in all the visible details, but the working parts will employ advanced materials or engineering to make the item suitable for the demands of modern buildings.

Window Hardware
Custom replication of all window hardware including:
  • Projected Lifts
  • Mortise Lifts
  • Cast Brass Finger Lifts
  • Bin Pull Lifts
  • Flush Pull Lifts
  • Finger Lifts
  • Rope Trimmed Lifts
  • Handle Lifts
  • Security Locks
  • Spring Locks
  • Quadrant locks
  • Casement Locks
  • Transom Locks
  • Window Poles
  • Casement Adjusters
Door Hardware
Custom replication of all door hardware including:
  • Door Latches
  • Door Stops
  • Solid Brass Flush Bolts
  • Solid Brass Surface Bolts
  • Levers
  • Ball Catches
  • Brass Letter Slots
  • Coat and Hat Hooks
  • Door Edge Pulls
  • Door Knockers
  • Sliding Door Pulls
  • Keyholes
  • Solid Brass Rosettes
  • Storm Door Latches
  • Flush Bolts
  • Custom Hinges